Board Soccer

Board Soccer is a retro spring tabletop football simulation game for iOS & Android.

Unity3D - Vehicle physics

Car physics and chassis deformation simulation implemented in Unity3D, testing various methods, such as Position Based Dynamics.

A Cross-Platform Mobile Game App

Experimental project with self creating every asset from graphics to code. Includes procedural features such as softbody and blob simulation, real-time path generation and post-processing effects.

Cloth simulation in C++ using OpenGL

Cloth simulation created with compute shader based on PBD algorithm.

NeChessFel - A multiplayer chess game made in Unity3D

Experimental Unity3D project. You can play a chess match with your friends online.

Camera stabilizer

Camera stabilizer made with OpenCV library, supporting streamed video stabilizing as well.

A simple 2D platformer game engine implemented in C++

Experimental C++ mini project creating a 2D platformer engine, using the SFML library.

My custom webpage

This webpage was constructed for the purpose of making a personal showcase.